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Extracts from confidential feedback forms.

Very helpful and patient in bringing about a solution to a claim that I thought would not be capable of resolution. I would certainly use him again.

I was most impressed by Mr Salata’s performance in keeping me calm.

Very good. Thoughtful and welome approach. Would consider using again.

Very good – handled an unusual situation with care and humour.

I can now appreciate very much the value of mediation meetings, especially when they are conducted as well you conducted our meeting.

I have to say that I was exceptionally impressed with the quality of the mediator that you supplied.

My client and I felt that the mediator was calm and cool and was a good and solid influence towards compromise. He was subtle and clever in achieving a result that both sides could live with.

Thank you for all you did yesterday and for helping to bring the matter to a conclusion. I was very happy with the way in which you handled the mediation and will have no hesitation in continuing to recommend the provider for future mediations.